Need Career Consultation? Get it for Free!

Need Career Consultation? Get it for Free!

Need Career Consultation? Get it for Free! Since I started out, my journey has led me to numerous consultants that just want to “take, take, and take!” and let’s face it, as new counselors with student loans and little to no income, we just don’t have much we can give at the moment but, that’s O.K.! Because…. I have also met several who just want to “give, give, and give!”  By that I mean, they have dedicated a large amount of time to sharing FREE information! They have provided a wealth of knowledge and will give it to you, in the palm of your hands! They have videos, newsletters, blogs, Facebook group discussions, webinars, seminars etc. etc. etc. The amount of information you will find will be endless!  These are individuals that I have followed, consulted with, spoken to, looked up to and hands down I wouldn’t recommend if I didn’t feel like they were not beneficial to the beginning counselor. Don’t go at it alone, you don’t have to! If you follow the below list, you will be in good handsJ. (They are in alphabetical order; by no means are they in any ranked order.) 1.       Beginning Counselor (Stephanie Adams) 2.       Influential Therapist (Debb Legge) 3.       Private Practice Toolbox (Julie Hanks) 4.       Kelly & Miranda (Zynnyme) 5.       Mind Your Own Business (Stephanie Adams) 6.       Practice of the Practice (Joe Sanok) 7.       Private Practice from the Inside Out (Tamara G. Suttle) 8.       The Counselor Entrepreneur (Camille McDaniel) Who are some of your favorite...

3 Tips for Filling out your Registered Intern Application

First of all, congratulations! If you are at the point where you are preparing to fill out and submit your Registered Intern application, you deserve every bit of credit that comes your way! It has been a long road and you have finally made it! I hope you are able to take some time to relax and enjoy the process. However, if you are like me, you are probably stressing out about the application process way before you even graduate! That’s O.K.! Hopefully, our group can help!  If you are reading this post then I am sure you have probably already reviewed the licensure application and more than likely you probably have several questions. I will give you several tips that hopefully will make things easier.  1) DON’T WAIT!  You are probably questioning every section of the application, I know that I did. Don’t get hung up on the details. Fill out as much as you can and submit the application. Your application will not be rejected; rather … you will receive a letter stating what else you are missing. The application process its self takes several weeks so, go ahead and fill out as much as you can and send it away!  2) No Supervisor – No Worries!  Yes! That’s what I said! At least for the initial application don’t worry about trying to find a supervisor right away. You will find yourself in a catch 22. You will be unable to receive your Registered Intern number, until you have a Qualified Supervisor, and you will not be able to find a Qualified Supervisor…. yep! Until you have...
New Year’s Resolutions for Beginning Counselors

New Year’s Resolutions for Beginning Counselors

New Year’s Resolutions for Beginning Counselors  © Jessica Richards, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern  December 29, 2014   Resolution. Let’s start with that word for a second. To have a resolution means that you need to resolve something that is wrong and make a firm decision to do or not to do it again. As a new therapist, we already know that making a firm decision to “not do something ever again” sets anyone up for failure from day 1. We have been trained to map out long term goals but, not to just stop there. We are taught to break those long term goals down into 3-5 short term goals and work from there. We have also been conditioned to expect failures as well as, setbacks and continue anyways. We have been taught how to be resilient, empathetic, understanding and motivating for our clients and when we take a step back and evaluate our own New Year’s Resolutions the same way; we will also be more successful at meeting our own goals. So with that being said, let’s look at a different word “transitions”. To transition means to develop, evolve and pass from one stage to another. I personally like this word a lot better than resolution, especially for a new counselor. We are constantly transitioning and evolving from one stage to another and a New Year is just another time for transitioning. I have put together a few goals, for the New Year, which may help new counselors transition into the next phase of their career. Define what success means to you As you leave grad school,...

I Learned Nothing from Grad School: What being a Counselor is Really like pt 1

I Learned Nothing from Grad School: What being a Counselor is Really like. © Jessica Richards, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern December 5, 2014 You are in your last semester of grad school and you are fully prepared to take the next step. You have been waiting for this for 6 very long years, better yet; you have been waiting your whole life! Waiting for that very moment when the world would be yours and you are just itching to go out there and conquer it! You have been saying for months and years “I can’t wait to be done with school!” “I can’t wait to never have another paper to write!” You have probably forgotten to ask the question “what do I have waiting for me after I leave grad school?” Now, I’m not talking about the “what is it going to be like as a counselor” You have spent plenty of internship hours and years of education to know how to be a counselor. I’m talking about what to expect in the next few months or years in the business of being a counselor. We’ve all heard the “You don’t go into this field for the money” by now. I heard it numerous times and brushed it off, never thinking to ask “what does that really mean?” and “how can I prepare?” Well, I really wish I would have asked those questions! Those are the questions that I needed the answers to! So, I’m going to share what I have learned with you, in the next several blogs because this will be too long for one. So,...
Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring, or Consulting OH MY!

Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring, or Consulting OH MY!

© Jessica Richards, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern October 30, 2014 Starting out as a new counselor (post-graduation) presents with a lot of excitement, concerns, worries, fears, frustrations, obstacles etc. Often our main concerns and immediate focus is to become a Registered Intern and conquer full Licensure. Then, it happens… the frustrations of just finalizing years of tireless education, often times working full-time and supporting ourselves as well as, a family even. Mostly, on student aid or loans, we hope that the “other side” will show us a little glimmer of light and we will find relief only to realize we are not quiet finished yet. Being a Registered Intern does not hold the same weight as it does in other fields such as Physician Assistance, we still have a long road ahead of us. With that said, our second focus then becomes “how to make it through” which leads to job searching in cross related fields and positions. One particular interest, most new counselors turn to, is Coaching or Consulting however, buyer beware! If you are seeking a licensure in mental health, marriage and family, or social work AND contemplating adding coaching to your services during your internship, make sure that you do your research and know what you are getting yourself into. Risking a license that you do not have may not be a risk you want to take. Nevertheless, many Registered Interns as well as fully Licensed Professionals do offer both coaching and counseling services. Here is what we know: What is the difference between coaching, counseling, consulting, or mentoring? Coaching The Coach’s primary attention is on...

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