Qualified Supervisors

Finding a Qualified Supervisor: 

If you are looking for a list of Qualified Supervisors, currently the only way to obtain an “official list” is to email the Florida Board and request a list for your zip code and credentials in which you are seeking licensure. They will then email you an updated list back. Below are several other resources, for finding a Qualified Supervisor, and information for Qualified Supervisors who have reached out to us and provided their information.

Other Resources: 

                              meet your supervisor

At MeetYourSupervisor.com we know how difficult it can be to find the right supervisor in one’s field and area of interest. That is why we designed this service and website for interns and supervisors alike-to help bridge the gap between graduation and licensure.
Provided by Dr. Maria Martinez-Salazar supporter and contributor to us here at Beginning Counselor’s – Florida. She is the founder of Meet Your Supervisor and has worked extremely hard to help provide a directory to meet our needs, in finding quality supervisors. Make sure to check out her website and find your next supervisor! Thank you Dr. Maria!

Miami, Florida



As one of our licensed professional contributors, Isaac Sochaczewski LMHC, Director of Counseling Services at Care Counseling and Resource Center provided us with a great opportunity for Registered Interns!“I currently provide supervision for Registered Mental Health Counselors seeking to meet the state requirements for licensure. I offer both individual and group supervision at a nominal fee.
I am currently offering a learning experience for Registered Mental Health Interns seeking out a career in private practice. I am offering individual and group supervision to Registered Mental Health Counselors for $25 per hour. You will also have the opportunity to observe client sessions and counsel your own clients. This is an ideal opportunity for recent graduates or counseling interns who express interest working in a private practice setting and wish to make a career in counseling. Please contact me to find out more.”Have a wonderful and meaningful day!Isaac Sochaczewski, LMHC

West Palm Beach, Florida 



As one of our licensed professional contributors, Dr. Leslie Zebel, provided us with a great opportunity for Registered Interns! “Dear Intern,I am now offering supervision that is affordable, effective, and will give you the tools and skills to become the quality of psychotherapist you imagined during your many years of academic training.My approach is different. Supervision through the lens of a psychodynamic approach will provide you with in depth skills and practical applications toaddress resistant and defensive patients; impact unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors; handle negative transference reactions; identify when counter transference is hindering treatment; help patients regulate and understand their emotions; and reveal the barriers to a cohesive and supportive patient-therapist relationship.Qualifications: I have been in private practice in West Palm Beach for 20+ years. I am experienced in techniques of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalytic applications with Addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationships, Grief & Loss, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders and Physical, Sexual, Emotional Abuse with adults and adolescents . For more information, please visit my websitewww.drlesliezebel.com.”I invite you to call me today to meet to discuss your individual needs and goals.Kind Regards,

Leslie Anne Zebel, PhD, Psychotherapist
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, #MH4375 
Licensed Certified Addictions Professional
7401 South Olive Avenue 
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
561-585-8787 www.drlesliezebel.com

Intern Letter From Dr. Zebel

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If You Are A Qualified Supervisor And Would Like To Share Your Information, Please Do So In The Comment Box Below: 

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