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For Licensed Professionals: 

We are looking for licensed professionals for several reasons, if you are interested in helping with any of the below, please comment with your information or inbox me. I will be posting/advertising your information to the groups and the website.

1) Shared office space – for registered interns interested in renting space, to begin private practice. – We are in need of licensed professionals who have rent space in all areas of Florida.

2) Qualified Supervisors – for all areas of Florida. We’ve been provided with several lists from the Board but, if you are interested in sharing your information with us, we would greatly appreciate it!

3) Licensed Professionals – willing to blog about their experiences and struggles from post-graduation through to licensure

4) Any board certified CE programs being offered by your company – several interns are looking to complete their CE’s for licensure so, if your company offers the classes and would like to advertise them, please let me know.

We are interested in diversity among the licensed professionals, willing to be interviewed, as far as years of experience, licensure, certifications etc. The only thing we ask is that you have experience in the state of Florida (obviously).

Please let us know if you are interested by dropping us an email through our contact page! Thank you in advanced!

Sincerely appreciated,
Registered Interns

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