Are you a mental health graduate student?
Are you currently working towards your practicum and internship hours?
Are you a recent graduate, who has obtained provisional licensure?

Then you have come to the right place. Florida Mental Health Counselor Interns is a group that was created by me, Jessica Richards, after being a registered intern for several months and realizing the vast majority of support groups are for fully licensed professionals. With several years between post-graduation and becoming fully licensed our needs are completely different. After spending countless months researching and delving into every possible opportunity, requirement, exam and searching for ONE place to find all of the information I needed, I realized….. It doesn’t exist! My goal for this group is to provide valuable, resourceful, informative, factual, supportive information and advice. I am only one person and can only provide so much information, experience and advice. With that being said, I have only provided a source and voice for the group. I have incorporated several other interns to help manage our facebook, linkedin and blog pages in an effort to help provide the bridge of support from post-graduation to licensure.

Please feel free to join one or all of our many online forums to connect, network, share concerns, ideas, information and inspiration with us! Make sure to not miss out on any information! Be sure to follow us and join our discussions on the website forum, Linkedin, Facebook and Facebook Groups! — Click the links above to join.

It can be overwhelming leaving graduate school and loosing the support that is provided but it doesn’t have to be. Join us in providing a bridge of support, for the journey towards licensure.

Florida Mental Health Counselor Interns
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